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Mário’s Favourite Things

Hi !!!!!

My name is Mário.

My favourite things are playing tennis, playing football, playing playstation, being on my tablet.

I like playing tennis and football because these are the sports that I prefer. I’m fond of my tablet because I enjoy listening to music and playing games.

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Alexandre’s Favourite Things

My favorite things are everything about technology because in this world we need technology to do almost everything, but I also like sports (football, basketball, kenpo, hockey and much more…). I think the sports is very important for our life because keep us healthy and exercised. With this I conclude that sports and technology are two  very important things for our life.


Alexandre’s Dream School


My dream school is big and cool. Outside it has a big swimming pool, a lake, one garden, lots of space in the playground, a big football field and a basketball field.

Inside there are lots of classrooms with computers, interactive boards and tablets, a music classroom, a laboratory, a kitchen and a canteen, big halls, a gymnasium, an indoor pool, a big stationer´s with  lots of materials,a big library with books for different ages and tastes, arts classroom, a school office, a bar and a spacious living room with different games.



Mário’s Dream School

My dream school would have three blocks of buildings, a bar, a stationer’s and  a school office, a lake, an artificial football field, a basketball field,  a courtyard and a gym.

I’d like to have seven subjects: Maths, History, Physical Education, Geography, French, English, Science. Each class would last 45 minutes and we would have 20 minute breaks. In classes we would use tablets and modern computers.

In my dream school we would play two main sports: basketball and football. My dream school would have cool schoolmates and the teachers would never be a bore.

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