Today I want to talk about the pros and cons of watching TV.

Watching TV is one of my favourite pastimes and can be the best form of entertainment, but it can cause some problems in our health and in our life.

Some pros of watching TV are: TV is a good form of entertainment, TV keep us informed about the news around the world, TV has a lot of educational programs like discovery and national geographic. It could help us to be a little bit more informed, and the TV also expands your mind to have new ideas.

But TV also has cons: Make us antisocial because while we are watching TV, we do not speak with other people. While we are watching TV, we eat much fast-food like cookies, chips,… Watching some TV programs can be a waste of time. Some programs may have crime and violence, and if a child watches too much violence, he/she may become violent  in the future. And TV might be addictive.

And you, whatdo  you think about watching TV? Think about this.