Today I would like to write about eating habits. I have healthy eating habits and a good lifestyle because I do sports on a regular basis and eat much fruit. I don´t go on a diet because I don’t need it, I´m skinny.

I sometimes eat junk food but I don´t have weight problems. I’m aware that we should be careful with our diet because we can´t only eat junk food.

To keep fit, I do Kenpo (martial art) and many other sports like football, basketball, etc… I think it is very good to be part of a sports team because we make new friends and gain team spirit and leadership qualitites.

I´m very active because I do many sports but I also enjoy watching TV, playing games and surfing the Internet. The issue is that while playing games and watching TV teens usually eat junk food and therefore become overweight (“couch potatoes”).

I´m a member of Facebook because is a form of communicating with my friends and other people. I also play Minecraft because it´s a very funny online game.

With this I conclude that if you have good healthy eating habits like eating fruits and vegetables and a good lifestyle that includes exercising and having fun, you are a healthy person.

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