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Film Review – Fast & Furious 8

Vin DieselCreative Commons License

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I will make a review of the film Fast & Furious 8. This film was published in 2017. The film talk about a “secret team” that make everything and risking your life to defeat all the villains that cross in your front. The film was written by Chris Morgan and is directed by Gary Gray. It is a action film and some film stars are: Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris”, Bridges, Nathalie Emmanuel, Scott Eastwood, Kurt Russell and Charlize Theron.

The story is about the abduction of the baby of Torreto (Vin Diesel) and he have to try to infiltrate in the villain team to save her baby, because his mom was killed by the boss of the other team. The film is very focused is cars. The action with starts in Havana, be continued in other different city’s like New York and also there´s a scene recorded on ice in Russia. The plot is very exciting and unexpected! The acting is intense and the film has a good final.

I recommend this film for all the peoples like films with very action!

And you already saw this film? If yes, you liked?



Mario’s review film

Hi !!!

The movie I’m going to talk about is called Maze Runner. This is one of my favorite movies, because you never know what is happening while the movie is taking place and you only realize everything at the end of the movie, and I love these types of movies. this film is a action film and a adventure film, was made by James Dashner and the film stars is Dylan O’Brien.

This movie begins with a young man stuck in a box, when that box arrives at its destination, a sound announces his arrival and causes him to be introduced to his new community, the name of the boy who came inside that box, is called Thomas , but he can only remember this time after he reaches the clearing , this place only has boys and is surrounded by a maze. In this community one of the most important and dangerous tasks is that of the Runners, these are in charge of going all morning to the labyrinth to discover the answers of the exit of that place. When Thomas arrives at Clearing, the rules of the place are presented to him, and the most important is “Never to enter the labyrinth,” but the only thing he focuses on is to become a Runner to discover the mysteries behind those walls.

Many things happen after Thomas arrives in the community, but even more drastic changes occur when a girl is sent to the location carrying a “She’s the Last” ticket. The only girl in the Clearing also does not remember anything at all, but is sent there with a purpose, to help that small population out of that prison. No one has ever survived a night within the labyrinth that changes every day and lives there the Verdugo, being these a sort of spider with a scorpion that were placed inside the labyrinth to kill everything that moves in the labyrinth.

The plot is exciting and confusing.

I recommend this film because is a filme that we need to see him at the finale for understand  everything and is a good filme for a people like the action and adventure films.


Summer Camps

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Hello everyone!

Today I will talk about Summer Camps.

Summer Camps are a different form of do various activities and have fun during the summer.

Exist various types of Summer Camps for all the likes: the activities summer camps, the academic summer camps, the language summer camps, the arts summer camps and the tech summer camps

At those summer camps you can do a lot of sports like: archery, ropes course, climbing, weaseling, canoeing, raft building, crate climbs, orienteering, basketball, football, cricket, rugby, hokey, and in some summer camps you also can swim. You also can do other different activities like: cultural games, arts, music, and recive language instruction (the most common is English).

In Summer Camps you also stay in shape, make new friends, know about new cultures, improve your skills and have fun!

I don´t have any experience of summer camps but I´m sure that this is very fun!

My favorite type of Summer Camp is the Tech Summer Camps, because I can experiment various types of gadgets and programmes.

And you, what are your favorite type of Summer Camps? Why?



Mário’s Summer camps


A Summer camp is a place where some children spend part of the summer. There are different types of summer camp, for example Sports summer camps, Religious summer camps, Arts and performing arts camps, Academic Adventure summer camps, educational Summer camps and College credit courses.

We can do various activities, for example, in sports summer camps we do sports activities, basketball, football, radical sports, tennis, handball, and many others. In religious summer camps we can speak about our religion and pray, in art and performing arts we can develop artistic activities. In educational summer camps we can practice English and study various subjects. In academic adventure summer camp we can travel, do community service, in college credit coursers we can have university experience.

The benefits of summer camps are to meet new people, practice English, do cool activities, have fun, try new things, develop social skills we can’t learn at home. The negative aspects are that we have to pay very much, in some summer camps they are very  disorganized, there are safety problems and lack of medical assistance.

I’ve been to some summer camps and I liked them a lot because I had great fun, I made many friends  and did things that  I can’t do at home alone, I never slept there but I would like to.

I think that summer camp are a lot of fun and very useful when the parents do not want to spend their holidays with their children and don´t have somebody to take care of them. There we make friendship for life, I would like to go to a Sports summer camps because I love doing sports for example basketball, football, horse riding, tennis, water sports  and extreme Sports.

Goodbye !!



Today I want to talk about the pros and cons of watching TV.

Watching TV is one of my favourite pastimes and can be the best form of entertainment, but it can cause some problems in our health and in our life.

Some pros of watching TV are: TV is a good form of entertainment, TV keep us informed about the news around the world, TV has a lot of educational programs like discovery and national geographic. It could help us to be a little bit more informed, and the TV also expands your mind to have new ideas.

But TV also has cons: Make us antisocial because while we are watching TV, we do not speak with other people. While we are watching TV, we eat much fast-food like cookies, chips,… Watching some TV programs can be a waste of time. Some programs may have crime and violence, and if a child watches too much violence, he/she may become violent  in the future. And TV might be addictive.

And you, whatdo  you think about watching TV? Think about this.


Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King was a revolutionary man in the world because he wanted to put an end to racism. He was born on January 15th 1929 in Atlanta and he was assassinated on April 4th 1968 in Memphis. He fought against racism because blacks were treated differently from whites.

I choose “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” because I do not judge a person because of his or her colour.

My hope for the world is that terrorism, bullying and crime  end and the world has peace!


Mario on Martin Luther king


Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Baptist minister. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15th, in 1929 and was assassinated on April 4, in 1968.
The thing that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr did that most touches me was trying to end racism in a civilized way without violence and the fact that he died without having killed anybody.
My dream for the future is to be happy without economic problems, diseases, bullying, racism and wars.

What is your hope for the world?


Alexandre’s Eating Habits and Lifestyle


Today I would like to write about eating habits. I have healthy eating habits and a good lifestyle because I do sports on a regular basis and eat much fruit. I don´t go on a diet because I don’t need it, I´m skinny.

I sometimes eat junk food but I don´t have weight problems. I’m aware that we should be careful with our diet because we can´t only eat junk food.

To keep fit, I do Kenpo (martial art) and many other sports like football, basketball, etc… I think it is very good to be part of a sports team because we make new friends and gain team spirit and leadership qualitites.

I´m very active because I do many sports but I also enjoy watching TV, playing games and surfing the Internet. The issue is that while playing games and watching TV teens usually eat junk food and therefore become overweight (“couch potatoes”).

I´m a member of Facebook because is a form of communicating with my friends and other people. I also play Minecraft because it´s a very funny online game.

With this I conclude that if you have good healthy eating habits like eating fruits and vegetables and a good lifestyle that includes exercising and having fun, you are a healthy person.

kung fu jacky czj via Compfight

Alexandre’s Comments

1- Comment:

Yes, I agree with you becaus football can be a dangerous sport but  most faults committed are because the player feels the need to defend the goal and not to hurt the other player.
What country is your team from?


2- Comment:

Yes, today,people especially children but also some adults , are addicted to games because they are great fun. But playing games isn´t healthy because you tend to spend too much time in front of the computer, PlayStation,.. When he could do sports, run, etc…And the food we eat while playing computer isn´t healthy too.

Alexandre’s Favourite Places To Visit


My favourite place to visit is Lisbon, because it has lots of things to do. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and because of that it is very big, busy and lively.

In Lisbon we have Vasco da Gama, one of many fabulous places in Portugal. Vasco da Gama is a wide area close to the river Tagus full of activities. It has a big Aquarium with fishes, dolphins and sharks, many museums, like Pavilhão do Conhecimento where we can learn about Science, do experiments and play games. We can also visit the EDP museum with different exhibitions every month and the electricity museum. There’s the shopping center Vasco da Gama with lots of stores,  a wide space to walk, ride a bike/skate and do sports. There are also many hotels and a casino.

A sightseeing tour around Lisbon will show you many interesting historic buildings and places like Marquês de Pombal which is a very big roundabout with the statue of the Marquis of Pombal, the man who rebuilt Lisbon after the earthquake in 1755. In the Oriente train station you can catch the train to travel around the country.Terreiro do Paço is a famous square with many tourists. The Lisbon zoo is a beautiful park with many different species of animals and you can also stroll along many big gardens like the awesome Parque Eduardo VII.

With this I conclude that Lisbon is a very cool place, one of the most interesting capital cities around the world.

The Aquarium Oceanário

Our Zoo, one of the best in Europe



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