Our school is in Alhandra near Vila Franca de Xira. It has a gym, three main buildings, a football and a basketball field, a small lake, a canteen, a bar, a library and a school office, the playground and stationer´s and we like hanging out in the  football field and bar. Our main subjects are Portuguese, English, Maths, Physical Education, Science, Physics and Chemistry, History, French, Geography, TIC, TI, Arts and Maths Workshop.

Our school has four clubs: Basketball, Dance, Trampolines and Science Club. We like basketball.

We like Physical Education and Maths because we like sports and logical reasoning.

Every day we start school at 08:20 but on Thursday we start at 09:05. We have classes until 13:20 but on Monday and Thursday we have classes in the afternoon. We always lunch at 13:20.

We like our school because it has one good football field, friendly teachers and we dislike the WC and most classrooms because they lack technology, interesting gadgets we should be able to use.