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The movie I’m going to talk about is called Maze Runner. This is one of my favorite movies, because you never know what is happening while the movie is taking place and you only realize everything at the end of the movie, and I love these types of movies. this film is a action film and a adventure film, was made by James Dashner and the film stars is Dylan O’Brien.

This movie begins with a young man stuck in a box, when that box arrives at its destination, a sound announces his arrival and causes him to be introduced to his new community, the name of the boy who came inside that box, is called Thomas , but he can only remember this time after he reaches the clearing , this place only has boys and is surrounded by a maze. In this community one of the most important and dangerous tasks is that of the Runners, these are in charge of going all morning to the labyrinth to discover the answers of the exit of that place. When Thomas arrives at Clearing, the rules of the place are presented to him, and the most important is “Never to enter the labyrinth,” but the only thing he focuses on is to become a Runner to discover the mysteries behind those walls.

Many things happen after Thomas arrives in the community, but even more drastic changes occur when a girl is sent to the location carrying a “She’s the Last” ticket. The only girl in the Clearing also does not remember anything at all, but is sent there with a purpose, to help that small population out of that prison. No one has ever survived a night within the labyrinth that changes every day and lives there the Verdugo, being these a sort of spider with a scorpion that were placed inside the labyrinth to kill everything that moves in the labyrinth.

The plot is exciting and confusing.

I recommend this film because is a filme that we need to see him at the finale for understand  everything and is a good filme for a people like the action and adventure films.