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Hello everyone!

Today I will talk about Summer Camps.

Summer Camps are a different form of do various activities and have fun during the summer.

Exist various types of Summer Camps for all the likes: the activities summer camps, the academic summer camps, the language summer camps, the arts summer camps and the tech summer camps

At those summer camps you can do a lot of sports like: archery, ropes course, climbing, weaseling, canoeing, raft building, crate climbs, orienteering, basketball, football, cricket, rugby, hokey, and in some summer camps you also can swim. You also can do other different activities like: cultural games, arts, music, and recive language instruction (the most common is English).

In Summer Camps you also stay in shape, make new friends, know about new cultures, improve your skills and have fun!

I don´t have any experience of summer camps but I´m sure that this is very fun!

My favorite type of Summer Camp is the Tech Summer Camps, because I can experiment various types of gadgets and programmes.

And you, what are your favorite type of Summer Camps? Why?