A Summer camp is a place where some children spend part of the summer. There are different types of summer camp, for example Sports summer camps, Religious summer camps, Arts and performing arts camps, Academic Adventure summer camps, educational Summer camps and College credit courses.

We can do various activities, for example, in sports summer camps we do sports activities, basketball, football, radical sports, tennis, handball, and many others. In religious summer camps we can speak about our religion and pray, in art and performing arts we can develop artistic activities. In educational summer camps we can practice English and study various subjects. In academic adventure summer camp we can travel, do community service, in college credit coursers we can have university experience.

The benefits of summer camps are to meet new people, practice English, do cool activities, have fun, try new things, develop social skills we can’t learn at home. The negative aspects are that we have to pay very much, in some summer camps they are very  disorganized, there are safety problems and lack of medical assistance.

I’ve been to some summer camps and I liked them a lot because I had great fun, I made many friends  and did things that  I can’t do at home alone, I never slept there but I would like to.

I think that summer camp are a lot of fun and very useful when the parents do not want to spend their holidays with their children and don´t have somebody to take care of them. There we make friendship for life, I would like to go to a Sports summer camps because I love doing sports for example basketball, football, horse riding, tennis, water sports  and extreme Sports.

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