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Alexandre’s Favourite Places To Visit


My favourite place to visit is Lisbon, because it has lots of things to do. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and because of that it is very big, busy and lively.

In Lisbon we have Vasco da Gama, one of many fabulous places in Portugal. Vasco da Gama is a wide area close to the river Tagus full of activities. It has a big Aquarium with fishes, dolphins and sharks, many museums, like Pavilhão do Conhecimento where we can learn about Science, do experiments and play games. We can also visit the EDP museum with different exhibitions every month and the electricity museum. There’s the shopping center Vasco da Gama with lots of stores,  a wide space to walk, ride a bike/skate and do sports. There are also many hotels and a casino.

A sightseeing tour around Lisbon will show you many interesting historic buildings and places like Marquês de Pombal which is a very big roundabout with the statue of the Marquis of Pombal, the man who rebuilt Lisbon after the earthquake in 1755. In the Oriente train station you can catch the train to travel around the country.Terreiro do Paço is a famous square with many tourists. The Lisbon zoo is a beautiful park with many different species of animals and you can also stroll along many big gardens like the awesome Parque Eduardo VII.

With this I conclude that Lisbon is a very cool place, one of the most interesting capital cities around the world.

The Aquarium Oceanário

Our Zoo, one of the best in Europe






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  1. Andrew

    Hi my name is Andrew I think you deserved to be on the flip board magazine since you put such hard work into you post. Keep up the good work, if you would like to check out my blog here is the link

  2. Olivia

    Hey Mario! I love Lisbon, it’s so beautiful and such a fun place to visit! Cool post!

  3. alexisd20

    Hello! I love the detail and passion you put into describing Lisbon and all the places in Lisbon. The pictures really helped to make me want to go see Lisbon as well!

  4. Jacob

    Hi my name is Jacob and I go to A.E. Wright middle school. I have never been to Portugal and was wondering if I should go. Reading your blog I think that it convinced me to tell my family about Lisbon. If you can get back to me here is the link to my blog

  5. Jack

    My favorite place to visit is St. Louis.

    My blog

  6. Julian

    This was an amazing post and you put so much effort in to this.

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