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Mário’s Favourite Things

Hi !!!!!

My name is Mário.

My favourite things are playing tennis, playing football, playing playstation, being on my tablet.

I like playing tennis and football because these are the sports that I prefer. I’m fond of my tablet because I enjoy listening to music and playing games.

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  1. Ethen

    Hi Mario, my name is Ethen and I’m part of the #16studbc from Mrs.Kriese’s class in Texas and I noticed that you love video games. My favorite video games are any game with Mario (funny enough that your name is Mario) or a Pokémon game. I also noticed that you like football. In Texas we call football soccer. Are you calling football soccer, or are you calling football the American football? What type of music is your favorite? Come check out my blog

    • Mario

      Hi Ethen !!
      I’m talking about soccer but in Europe we say football because it is played with the feet.
      I have no favourite type of music, like all kinds.

      • Jack Chen

        Hey, a good description of what you like. I noticed that you like Tennis which I can relate to. Tennis is a really fun sport that I enjoy a lot, sadly I don’t play Tennis much anymore. I also noticed that you like music, I enjoy music a lot and I find that listening to music just calms me down. A very good description of what you like indeed.

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